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This week the Cox Graduate Entrepreneurship Club will be hosting the SMU Startup Launch Competition on Friday, April 19th, 2024, from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. 10 finalists from the SMU Business Accelerator Program will be competing for over $100,000 in awards, a combination of non-dilutive cash prizes and in-kind donations. SMU’s next-gen entrepreneurs will deliver a 10-minute presentation/pitch followed by a 5-minute Q&A from a panel of esteemed judges from the DFW entrepreneur and Venture Capital community. Please join us as these amazing finalists showcase their businesses in the culmination of a great inaugural SMU Business Accelerator Program!








Run of Show

Meet the judges:

Meet the Finalists:

Ceylon - James Jimenez


Give in to Cin.

At Ceylon, we create preservative free artisan cinnamon rolls, delivered directly by our dedicated bakers. Experience the indulgence of Cin.

Christian Learning - Jonathan Fyne

Educational platform for students enrolled in religious education.

Christian Learning is an Artificial Intelligent education platform to learn scripture through lessons, quizzes, and flashcards.



EduMatch Solutions -Martha Karmali

Bridging the gap between student debt and employee benefits.

EduMatch Solutions partners with businesses to address the stressors of student debt within the workforce and drastically reduce attrition.

Glazed & Glossed - Adrienne Aaron

Beauty Inspired By Motherhood

Glazed & Glossed, an emerging beauty brand featured in Vogue, Marie Claire & Glamour, makes clean simple skincare essentials to help you glow again.

Gradient - Christian Kim

Foster Connections Within your Gym.

Gradient is a business-to-peer marketplace designed to foster connections within gym communities.

InfoSavvy AI - Yaw Boateng

Helping university students overcome information overload

     InfoSavvy simplifies access to university resources through customized and comprehensive Generative AI   chatbots

Keya Solutions - Kiswood Diogene

Precision in every decision

Keya specializes in managing contract data and leveraging AI to transform this data into actionable insights.

LectureLogger - Jude Lugo

Simple university attendance that supports student success and wellbeing.

LectureLogger is a student success tool that empowers universities to better support their students, in use by 2,100+ SMU students today.

Omni - Theresa Shigemura, Savannah Ekrut, Tania Kadar, Sphoorti Veluvolu

                              Omni is an AI powered app geared towards beauty product lovers to help them find shades that better suit their skin-tone through color-matching technology and established beauty brand partnerships.

Trio - Caitly Reynoso & Chris Cahill

Simplifying school projects for richer collaboration and real-world readiness.

Trio is an intuitive command center that transforms group project chaos by centralizing functions like communication and delegation with AI.

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