The Cox Graduate Entrepreneurship Club is excited to announce the Semi-Finalists for the 2021-2022  SMU Business Accelerator Program.

We look forward to seeing the work each team and founders will bring to this program.  Congratulations!

Adam Siepker | OrcaChat, LLC | SMU Alumni ’20- Undergraduate

Elias Elleffsen | Spiked | SMU Graduate Student- Cox MBA

Hunter Gore | Horizon’s Edge | SMU Alumni ’21-  MS Engineering

Irewole Akande |City Health Tech Inc | SMU Graduate Student – Cox MBA

Andrew Traeger | Bazaar | SMU Current Graduate Student-Cox MBA

Jude Lugo |Commerce Navigator | SMU Undergraduate Student

Katie Lewis | Borrow | SMU Graduate Student- Cox MBA

Madison McMahan |The Social Panacea |SMU Undergraduate Student

Phillip Truppeli |Principia Technologies | MS Engineering

Preston Pownell |Treasurr | SMU Graduate Student- Cox MBA

Seun Suberu | College Plus | SMU Undergraduate Student

Sonia Saeed | spotBOX, LLC | SMU UndergraduateStudent

Zak Waddell | The Labor Exchange | SMU Graduate Student-MED

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