Group photo of all of the 2021 elevator pitch competition contestants.
Group photo of all of the 2021 elevator pitch competition contestants.


Adam Siepker - OrcaChat, LLC

We help e-commerce brands increase their website conversation rate. We do this by allowing the brand’s online shoppers to chat in real-time with existing customers who own the product.

Irewole Akande - City Health Tech Inc

City Health Tech is a public health tech startup promoting health literacy and more hygienic habits while collecting informative data through its proprietary and revolutionary IoT health communication device, Opal™. By installing Opal™ in event centers, schools, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and food manufacturing facilities, organizations can encourage healthier habits (e.g. handwashing) within their space, communicate with their community, and collect key hygiene data that can be leveraged to better prevent the spread of diseases.

Hunter Gore - Horizon's Edge

Design and manufacture electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) aircraft. The first product, Dragonfly, will be a personal EVTOL within the minimally regulated ultralight aircraft category.


Elias Ellefsen - Spiked

Spiked is an all-natural, spirits based alcoholic seltzer that uses the electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, and rare antioxidants found naturally in the prickly pear cactus to help re-hydrate, manage fluid balance, and provide a better taste for your alcoholic beverage.

Jude Lugo - Commerce Navigator

Commerce Navigator will use powerful technology to offer e-commerce entrepreneurs an all-in-one platform to manage their sales and track their profits — providing support every step of the way.

James Traeger - Bazaar

Bazaar is a blockchain-managed auction and shopping marketplace in which people can create, purchase, and sell rare and limited-edition works of music in both primary and secondary markets. Files are encrypted with artists signature to validate authenticity and tie royalties stemming from future transactions back to the artist.

Katie Lewis - Borrow

Borrow is the peer-to-peer marketplace for renting.

Madison McMahan - The Social Panacea

Panacea is an app that encourages and helps university students connect and form new friendships based on similar interests. It matches people to people, and people to events in their area based on those interests.

Phillip Truppelli - Principia Technologies

The goal of Principia Technologies is to empower retail investors by providing free and reliable information to increase the adoption of informed investing leading to more efficient capital markets.

Preston Pownell - Treasurr

Treasurr harnesses the power of geolocation technology to innovate real-life treasure hunting experiences through interactive team-based adventures delivered entirely through the Treasurr app.

Seun Suberu - CollegePlus

CollegePlus creates and aggregates all the predetermined significant resources such as college recommendations, degree recommendations, and scholarships available on the internet into one concise platform to reduce the complexity for potential and current college students. The products are the accumulation of key resources a high schooler needs to understand how to plan a collegiate career.

Sonia Saeed - spotBOX LLC

spotBOX is a menstrual education and product company that provides users with a web and mobile application to track their period, receive informational content on their symptoms, and shop the subscription box service, all in one place.

Zak Waddell - the Labor Exchange

The Labor Exchange is a plug-n-play technology platform that allows employer-organizations to structure re/up-skilling initiatives to increase employee retention and promote dignified work.

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