The Cox Graduate Entrepreneurship Club is excited to announce the Finalists for the 2022 SMU Startup Launch Competition Finalists

We look forward to seeing the work each team and founders will bring to this program. Congratulations!

Adam Siepker | OrcaChat, LLC | SMU Alumni ’20- Undergraduate

Elias Elleffsen | Spiked | SMU Graduate Student- Cox MBA

Hunter Gore | Horizon’s Edge | SMU Alumni ’21-  MS Engineering

Irewole Akande |City Health Tech Inc | SMU Graduate Student – Cox MBA

Jude Lugo |Commerce Navigator | SMU Undergraduate Student

Katie Lewis | Borrow | SMU Graduate Student- Cox MBA

Madison McMahan |The Social Panacea |SMU Undergraduate Student

Phillip Truppeli & Ethan Lux |Principia Technologies | MS Engineering

Seun Suberu | College Plus | SMU Undergraduate Student

Sonia Saeed | spotBOX, LLC | SMU UndergraduateStudent

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