On behalf of the Cox Graduate Entrepreneurship Club, we are proud to announce the following start-ups have been selected to advance to the Finalist Round to compete in the SMU Startup Launch CompetitonFriday March 31, 2023 along with an invitation to the ‘Black Tie Award Gala’ after the competition.  
The below start-ups will advance to the next round. These are in no particular order. 
  • Steadi Spoon – Raleigh Dewan and Mason Moreland
  • Helixx – Morganne Stewart
  • Commerce Navigator – Michael Castle and Jude Lugo
  • Bandidos – Elias Ellfesen
  • Gritty – Tanner LaRocque
  • GET Solutions – Satish Bonam and Justen Hannah
  • BlankEmit – Jena Rangnow
  • HiTS – Chris Resse
  • ThreadRow – Chad Susman and Liam White
  • Rootz – Pamela Nunez, Jenny Mueninghoff, and Shaheen Manohar 
The entire CGEC leadership team extends our biggest congratulations to each of you!

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